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Affordable, customized training in a relaxed setting.  By working individually or in small group settings, you and your dog will be able to focus on what matter most to your team.




Have you ever wanted to try running agility?   Come and learn how to run as a team and learn how to safely navigate all of the obstacles!   Enjoy learning on competition-grade equipment in a fully fenced area.  Already running agility?   Come and rent the training space and I'll set bars for you!  


Competition obedience and rally are fun ways to challenge yourselves and grow as a team.    These sports give teams all sorts of skills to work on together no matter where they are or how much space they have available.   Fine-tuning lasts a lifetime.   Whether you just want more skills to work on or intend to compete, obedience and rally offer great ways to build your bond and working foundation.


Scenting games are becoming incredibly popular.   Dogs and handlers both love the challenge of locating scented q-tips in all sorts of environments.   Using their noses calms nervous and active dogs, provides enrichment for ALL dogs to include seniors and dogs recovering from injuries,  and opens to door to competing or playing in a new venue.   Come and train with an AKC and NACSW judge and competitor and learn how much you and your dog will love this sport!


Sometimes we all need a little help with an issue that challenges us.   Let me help you get a handle on house-training, loose leash walking, appropriate greetings, reliable recalls, or any other topic that interests you.  Want to teach your dog to fetch?   Let me help you get started.   Just want to find more fun things to do with your dog?   Perfect!  I can help.   Feel free to bring a friend along and make training a social event.   Learning is fun and reliable dogs are so much easier to live with!


Have you ever considered sharing your wonderful dog with others?   Would you and your dog enjoy bringing joy and companionship to people in nursing homes, schools, or hospitals?    Therapy dogs spread happiness to people who are experiencing stress or loneliness who may not have a dog of their own.    Come and learn more about volunteering with your dog.   Learn the skills you need as a team to pass a therapy dog test and be effective partners when volunteering.   


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