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I love dogs.  They have shaped the framework of my entire adult life.  I enjoy living with dogs, hiking with dogs, training with dogs, showing dogs, talking about dogs...   The list goes on and on.  

I have been teaching and conducting training classes for about 15 years.  I was a therapy dog evaluator for nearly a decade and volunteered with multiple dogs in nursing homes, schools, psychiatric hospitals and in the homes of the house-bound.    I handled a detection dog while serving as a police officer.    I am an AKC and NACSW judge.    I have competed and titled in agility, obedience, rally, and scentwork with 4 dogs, each of them earning multiple titles across all of the sports.    I value well-rounded dogs and enjoy having a wide range of skills and games to train and practice.  

In addition to owning multiple dogs, I have also fostered approximately 50 dogs over the course of my lifetime.  Helping homeless dogs learn the skills they need to be successful with their new families is very rewarding.   It is a privilege to help dogs in need.   My foster dogs have taught me so much about training and temperaments and about how much change is possible.   They have made me a better trainer.      

I believe that well trained dogs lead richer lives than poorly trained dogs and that training should be fun for the beings at both ends of the leash.   I believe that working on sports skills and tricks enhances traditional training skills and enriches the team bond.    Because training in group settings can sometimes be distracting and stressful, I prefer to offer private or small group instruction at a very affordable price.  Because I train at my own home, I can keep my rates within reach of most budgets.  

If you want to do more with your dog or need a little help with a challenge, please consider giving Countryside Dog Sports a try!

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